Hello Everyone,

I sent myself a gift voucher for $5.00, I then went to the email and clicked on the redeem link, I ordered an item and completed checkout. Once I clompleted the checkout the cart window said I still had the $5.00 gift voucher and I could send it, so I did and a new coupon or gift voucher was created for someone else to use. I then went in and purchased another item and used the code sent in the second emal, use it and again I could send another $5.00 to myself. (Please help.)

I am also not able to see any gift vouchers in the release queue.

I know I have seen this same issue some where but I have read and read and can not find it. If someone can please link me or tell me where to go I would appreciate it.

I saw the exploit fix in the gift voucher contributions. Is this the fix for this issue?

I would also like to know if any of the contributions above 5.05 (I think that is what I have with msMax 1.5) have any new features or patches for issues like this one. Does anyone recommend any specific gift voucher contribution?

Thank you.