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Thread: Security Patches for osCMax v1.7??

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    Default Security Patches for osCMax v1.7??

    I recently stumbled across this bux fix and it got me wondering what other security holes/issues/updates are out there for osCMax v1.7? I found this one by chance. Is there a way to identify patches, etc.?

    Contact Us Form Vunerability Fix

    Also, if anyone has any suggestions for securing osCMax v1.7 please let me know.

    Thank you very much.

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    Security Patches for osCMax v1.7??

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    if you look to the bottom left corner of this site, there is an oscmax security list. If security flaws are leaked to the general community, you stand a good chance of being notified if you are a member of that list.

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    Thanks malcol27. I think I am already a subscriber.

    But what about past fixes? Have they already been incorporated into the source? If they have been, why is it still v1.7? Shouldn't the version change? What about the vulnerability that I pointed to in my original posting? If this is indeed a security issue why didn't it make it into any source updates?

    I'm just trying to protect myself and my clients as best I can. Sorry about all the questions. Thanks for your time!

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