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Thread: forum mod?

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    Default forum mod?

    this side has a forum inside a osc store.. is this already set up in osc max or is there a cont where you can do it inside osc without going to an outside board?

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    Default RE: forum mod?

    Not quit shore wite yor sawing.........

    I think you looking for a osCommerce/Fourm combo? No MAX does NOT have that....However there is ONE or TWO version out there that are....however it is a basic OSC .... Not alot of contribs added (if any) - and there code is NOT very compatable with most contributions/mods out there..... Ours - osCMax is compatable with MOST mods (most popular ones are already included....)


    Which is base on OSC MS2 and Postnuke a "CMS" Contact Management System which has a BBS/Forum (but I don't know if the forums comes built-in to OSC2NUKE as a default?????)

    Good Luck!
    Good Luck!

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