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Thread: looking for two contributions

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    Default looking for two contributions


    I'm looking for 2 contributions which will work with oscmax, which i can;t seem to find

    one is a dynamic menu, which will display a menu with all the categories, when moving the mouse over the header categories and

    second is a CMS for shipping, terms, about us, so these pages can be changed via the admin section.

    help much apperciated.


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    Default RE: looking for two contributions

    Have you tried the 'built-in' dhtml menu with osCMax? If you haven't, you'll find it here:
    Login to Admin/Configuration/My Store, then about three quarters of the way down the list find 'Enable display a dhtml' menu. Select it, click 'Edit', then you'll see three options: 'Default', 'Dhtml' and 'CoolMenu'.
    Dhtml is pretty good, and you can configure the appropriate file's code to suit your preferred colours/style etc.

    As for your info pages, there are contribs on the osCommerce contributions site:
    which may be what you want, but I've not tried any, so can't personally vouch for them, or whether they're compatible with osCMax 'out of the box'. Perhaps someone else can comment better on this.

    Good luck.

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