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Thread: differnet header bar for each infobox

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    Default differnet header bar for each infobox


    How can I have a different heder bar(image) for each infobox. When I tried applying an image by editing the box.tpl file of the one of the templates folder, the image got appplied on every box except the category box.
    I wont prefer an image in the background via stylesheet editing. Is there any other easy way?

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    Default RE: differnet header bar for each infobox

    I know it won't be hard. Comeone guys, guide me.

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    Default RE: differnet header bar for each infobox

    Actually it is a bit fiddly.
    You need to create your own customised boxes.

    There is a wealth of info here http://www.oscommerce.info/kb/osComm...t/Catalog_Area
    but you may need to adapt it to your own needs.

    Below is a procedure on customising boxes that I developed that might be helpful.

    Files Affected:

    The first 2 are the main programs to be addressed when removing or adding side boxes.

    Column_left.php and column_right.php are included in the main template and this is where all the side boxes are added, removed or swapped from right to left.

    // require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'whats_new.php');
    // require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'affiliate.php');
    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'information.php');

    The "What's New" and "Affiliate" boxes have been removed (commented out) while the information.php box remains (contains the static information pages)

    Action Steps

    Step 1:

    Edit these files to include or remove new boxes as required.

    Step 2 – Create new side boxes:

    Two files/folders are affected:


    Step 3 – Create new side boxes:

    In the following folder:


    Create your own box file here, using others as examples or amend as required.
    Each box in the template has a file here:


    This file is where you can create customised boxes doing different things and having different layouts.

    See box.tpl.php as an example to create your own.

    Name your new file (mynewfile.tpl.php) and set $box_base_name in includes/boxes/mynewfile.php to mynewfile.
    E.g. $box_base_name = 'manufacturers';
    It will then automatically call manufacturers.tpl.php

    Step 4 – Upload:
    Any of the above files that have been amended or created.

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    Default Gonna try it...

    Thanks. I have read most of what is there in the kb. But its my first time at oscmax.
    I'm gonna give it a try to what you said.

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