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Thread: Serious error. Cannot log into Admin

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    Default Serious error. Cannot log into Admin

    About 9:30pm last night we tried to log into Admin only to find that the password we were using was not working anymore. The screen flashed when the return key was hit but no error message to say that it had been entered wrong. After three attempts it threw us out completely. we then requested a new password and we tried again with the new password. Again the same thing happened. The website is functioning correctly and we can FTP pages on the site. We cannot access Admin at all.

    Is this a known bug?

    How do we access the Admin panel and is there a way to reset the password from within phpmyadmin.

    This is very serious to us as we are hoping to launch our website in about a weeks time and we are now unable to add any more products etc.

    Our host provider has advised: Quote:
    This is very strange indeed. To make things more complicated you are not using a standard osCommerce installation. The default OSC does not have the email and password login, you have to protect it with .htaccess. This means there is some custom code responsible for taking a plain text password and encrypting it before storing in the database.
    Without that code I cannot reset the password.

    I will do my own investigations but I would suggest looking on the OSX Max forums for info on how to reset the admin password. You might be able to do this using phpMyAdmin which can be found by clicking 'DB WebAdmin' under 'Databases' for your domain in the Control Panel.

    I have deleted the contents of the Admin table and run the mySql script below to restore the admin password back to square one. Ie user = admin@localhost and password = admin.

    The result said successful.
    It's not made any difference yet so I was wondering if the mySql service had to be stopped and restarted.

    INSERT INTO `admin` VALUES (1, 1, 'Default', 'Admin', 'admin@localhost.com', '05cdeb1aeaffec1c7ae3f12c570a658c:81', '2003-07-17 11:35:03', '2003-08-02 19:43:11', '2003-08-12 00:17:36', 47);

    Any help would be very much appreciated.


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    Serious error. Cannot log into Admin

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    Default RE: Serious error. Cannot log into Admin

    This has nothing to do with the actual code. It is more likely your session or cookies settings. Change your configure php to store sessions in the database. You should be able to login.

    The admin login code is stable and has been for over 2 years. No problems there.

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    Default RE: Serious error. Cannot log into Admin

    The error lay in the sessions.php file.
    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
    I'm in now.

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