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Thread: Gift Voucher zero balance problem (paypal)

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    Default Gift Voucher zero balance problem (paypal)

    I've searched and can't find an answer to this problem (i'm probably searching in the wrong place or using the wrong terms) but if a Gift Voucher balance is more than the order total, is there a way to check out and skip payment options.

    The GV FAQ seems to suggest you can store the balance for future transactions but i can't seem to get this to happen. I get a paypal error saying to change the amount to less than zero.

    I'm using OsCMax 1.7 with the pre-installed GVCC contrib and the latest Paypal IPN from OsCommerce.

    Everything else on the vouchers seems to work fine, and if i can't find a fix i guess i'll just have to change the FAQ and emails to reflect that you have to spend the amount in one go, but i thought i'd ask first.

    Any help appreciated


    ps, i'm a bit thick at php so be nice to me

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    Gift Voucher zero balance problem (paypal)

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    Default RE: Gift Voucher zero balance problem (paypal)

    This was a bug with the gift voucher version. It has since been corrected in the latest gift voucher mods. You can update your GV mod to the most current version and that should fix it.

    I thought that I had fixed this in the latest download of osCMax in the downloads section, but I may not have... I will check this later today...

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    i was afraid you'd say something like that.... arggghhh... last time i tried to install the GVCC i screwed up royally and had to start over. That was why i changed to OsCmax from OsCommerce...

    off to bite a few fingernails and see if i can't figure out the changes.

    Thank you (i think )


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    OK.. so i downloaded the new GVCC file thinking that there would be upgrade instructions... newp - it helpfully says {TO DO} after the subheading. I simple girl like me is now lost.... i have a working GVCC contrib apart from this hiccup, can anyone give me the easy upgrade instructions so that i don't mess up the entire thing? Please?

    For now i'm going to change the FAQ to reflect the problem i have so that customers don't get confused.

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