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Thread: 'ERROR: first name and password not match!' But they do??

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    Default 'ERROR: first name and password not match!' But they do??

    I know there are a million 'why can't I log in' threads, but 90% of them are about not having the database set up. Well, mine is set up, and I can go into the admin table and see that I AM entering the correct first name and email, but it is refusing to send the password and gives the error "ERROR: first name and password not match!" Where am I going wrong? Msasek? Anyone?

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    I discovered that the problem was between the chair and the keyboard, as usual. However, if you are locked out of your own admin, as I was, open up phpmyadmin, and your store database, go to the admin table, find your members/passwords, and paste in this encrypted word for one of your passwords:
    9b90e723195581edf6ce959b11be47fb:f0 it means 'pickle' Congratulations, you now have a 'spare key' if you hose it up like I did.

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