Hello, I just installed OSCMax, and I found an error regarding checks performed on email addresses. I tried to change the administrator email address, and I got the following error: "Email address format is invalid!"
Now, my email address is something like j.smith@domain.com ("j" could be for "John"); error checking javascript performs the following check:
(adminEmail.indexOf("@") <= 1 ||
adminEmail.indexOf("@") >= (adminEmail.length - 3) ||
adminEmail.indexOf(".") < 3 ||
adminEmail.indexOf(".") >= (adminEmail.length - 2) ||
adminEmail.indexOf("@.") >= 0 ) {

On the third row there's an error. There are many email addresses having a dot as second characters (mine is an example), I think check should be performed as follows:
adminEmail.indexOf(".") < 1 ||

I hope this could be of some help