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Thread: Customer Info Mix Up - VERY IMPORTANT

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    Default Customer Info Mix Up - VERY IMPORTANT

    Two of my clients are using OSCommerce for thier stores. Both clients are recieving some orders as follows:

    Customer: Person 1
    Billing: Person 2
    Shipping Person 2
    Credit Card: Person 2
    Email: Person 1


    Customer: Person
    Billing: Person 2
    Shipping: Person 1
    Credit Card: Person 2
    Email: Person 1

    They tend to be placed on the same day, sometimes within minutes to hours of each other. We have tried to recreate the error and have not been able to.

    The only link that we have been able to confirm from 2 of these customers have been that they both used hotmail accounts.

    Needless to say person 1 is seeing person 2's information and this is very unproffessional. We are lucky that email address and credit cards are not included in the confirmation email.

    I have found one other post like this one on the forums. The guy was told to log IP's or use cookies. We have tried the cookies and noone is able to order including me and I have my cookies turned on all of the time. IP's that are dynamic also cause problems so that does not seem like a solution either.

    I have no clue about this software other than making limited changes in code and design. Any help is greatly appriciated.

    Thank you,
    Jessica McCarty
    D & J Designs

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    I have never heard of or had this problem. My site hasn't gone live yet, but I've done pretty extensive testing so far and have not had any problems of the sort. I did test the site with three different hotmail addresses with no problems. I hope you figure this out.

    Good luck!

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