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Thread: Please include Spanish support in MS2 MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Please include Spanish support in MS2 MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is there spanish language in MS2 MAX, if not, could It be posible in the future?

    For how long?

    How could I translate into spanish?

    And, why didn't you include spanish in MS2 MAX?


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    Its in the one that I downloaded yesterday: catalog/includes/languages/espanol. It includes Spanish, English, French, and German. I do not know why it is not included in on the pages, but all the files are there so it just requires you to do some editing. And why jump all over the creators of MS2 Max? If you really need it and don't want to edit a lot, just download the base osCommerce at www.oscommerce.com. It's automatically included there.

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