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Thread: extra pages mod - doesnt resemble main pages

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    Default extra pages mod - doesnt resemble main pages


    I have installed the extra pages contribution and have tried to make it look like therest of the catalog by adding:- require(DIR_WS_TEMPLATES . TEMPLATENAME_MAIN_PAGE); to info_pages.php

    It does some of the job, but I am getting this on my info pages:-

    Warning: main(templates/content/.tpl.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/huskyzco/public_html/catalog/templates/main_page.tpl.php on line 62

    is there something I need to add to main page.tpl to make this work?


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    please anyone?

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    Hows my girl in the UK !!

    The file this code is looking for according to the error is ".tpl.php" which of course does not exist. Looks like your missing the define statement or part of the code.

    The method for actually taking a ms2.2 style module and adding it to MAX is pretty simple. just take all the php code out of the modules php file and put it into a file in /templates/content/pagename.php

    Then in filenames.php add your define statements and in /includes/languages/english.php add your define statements.

    It's pretty much the same as adding a new standard page which you can find instructions on in this forum, just add the cut out php code from the module to the /template/content/file

    I will see if i can get this module ported to MAX for you, or better yet i'll write a verison for MAX.

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    thanks cliffy dearest!

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