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Thread: Strange problem with accounts

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    Default Strange problem with accounts

    Had this same problem with original oscommerce.. which is the reason i went to oscmax, but did not help.

    When i log in with some account, and start hitting F5(refresh) it randomly refreshes back to guest account and then back to customers account again! This also happens when changing pages, like going to checkout.. it suddenly asks you to login, and shopping cart is empty(it's not really empty, but because you are suddenly on guest account again, it is).

    This is really big problem, because customer cannot checkout, since it forces him to login over and over again when trying to!

    You can try to register to my page, but there is no actual content, just default template and some test products(i made it almost ready with oscommerce, but had to remove it because of this problem..)

    Please, i'm in hurry to go live!


    ps. This might have something to do wiht cache/cookies?

    edit: to recreate the problem:
    Create any account(no need to be any real names or information)
    Add product to cart
    start hitting F5 several times: "log off" button disappiers and comes back, and shopping cart goes empty and back!

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    Solved, installed again with sessions stored in database instead of file, and now it works.

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    False alarm, it does not work! Just seeme'd like it did.. anyone, help?!? PLEASE!?

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    But now it does, made some changes to configure.php

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