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Thread: Kicked off when entering data into Admin areas and Catalog

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    Default Kicked off when entering data into Admin areas and Catalog

    Thi smay be a hosting site problem but they have looked into it and say everything looks great on their end. But, whenever I am in the process of entering data in any of the Admin fields, or when I am setting up Catalog entries (categories OR products) I am likely going to be kicked off and sent to the admin logon form again. This happens periodically, and very randomly with no specific time lapse. I can be on for 3 minutes or an hour before loosing my site contact. Then I have to log back in and pick up where I was (if I saved often enough). I've checked all the cookie areas on the OSMax side, and the host (Web2010) has checked their side. But still no findings. I have 2 other sites working just fine (same OSMax version and same host). Any thoughts?

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    I finally found the problem, and it was hosting server related. I had the hosting service (WEB2010, also called Hostcentric) move my site from an old Linux server to a new one and everything works the way it should. What a relief. Maybe I can keep my job now.

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