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Thread: Using Manufacturer's dropdown list resets cart to 0 items

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    Default Using Manufacturer's dropdown list resets cart to 0 items

    Quick background.... I just spent over 30 hrs integrating the new Max 1.7 into one of my client's sites... only to find what could be a programming bug (I'm not say I didn't cause it).

    I'm at the point where I'm doing usability testing... I picked a bunch of products and add/remove them from the shopping cart... appears to work fine. Now for the problem... whenever I use the Manufactures dropdown list to filter the product listing the selected shopping cart contents empties... not good *LOL*. If I back-browser and refresh the cart is back to "full" again and I can add more to it. BTW, refreshing the page (same filter name), of course, did nothing.

    So I know I've been changing code all over the place so I dump the modified site's database into a "clean" Max 1.7 setup... and, surprise, it happens there to. I'm thinking it's my data. Ah but now the interesting part... on the raw Max1.7 I test the manufacturers dropdown in the sidebar box... and it works fine! Again and again I try it... not a problem.

    Any suggestions? Why does one work and not the other? Oh well, I'm thinking about moving the sidebar Manufacturers 'filter' code to the top of the index_products page to see if it will work there. I know a bit about PHP programing so I can make changes... I did look at the code but I couldn't see where it may be flushing the shopping cart.


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    More clarification... the "top" Manufacturer dropdown filter unwantingly resets the session id to nothing... while the "side" manufacturer dropdown filter does not. Paulo

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