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Thread: Longer Product Name

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    Default Longer Product Name

    How do I increase the allowable number of characters in the product name? My names seem to be limited to about 64 characters; I'd like to name some things with up to 128 characters. I can't find a configuation limit on product name length, only manufacturers name length.

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    Longer Product Name

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    jhixson, you will need to alter the database field length directly. There is no admin switch to do this.

    In the products_description table, change the 'product_name' field from 64 to 128 characters.

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    Michael, I'm am so sorry to ask, but what is "the database field length?" Where do I find the "products_description table." Thank you.

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    you need to use a tool such as phpmyadmin, or use the mysql command line client. if your web hosting company uses cpanel, u should have the option in there. u need to enter your database and find the "products_description" table. the products_name field is set to varchar of length 64. you just need to change/edit the length attribute to be 128. again, using phpmyadmin to do this makes it extremly easy.

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    You are a breath of fresh air!! Thanks sooo much. I'm off to try it.

    I'm back and Hooray it worked!! Now that's what I call help! Again thanks.

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