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Thread: Ship In Cart Module? Got it half working

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    Default Ship In Cart Module? Got it half working

    Anyone use the Ship In Cart Module with MAX yet? When I install it, it seems to stretch the shopping cart out of its boundaries?

    I personally would like to make this module as a Button at the bottom of the shopping cart that is called shipping estimator, and it will open a new browser window. Anyone know how to do this? I've seen it done before.

    Any Help Greatly appreciated

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    This is killing me. When I am logged in, it looks perfect, but when a guest is surfing, it stretches the entire layout. Any ideas????

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    Ship In Cart Module? Got it half working

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    can I see a screenshot or a url?

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    Hey Guest. I had the EXACT same problem. When users were logged in, it would stretch. If you log in, it does not. A quick easy fix was to add a space between each field. This then put them one on top of the other and the size was perfect. Works like a charm now.
    good luck

    PS- don't use <BR> space, use &nbsp as a space

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