=== Verotel FlexPay extension for OsCommerce ===

Version: 1.0
Developer: http://www.verotel.com

== Description ==

This extension adds connectivity to the Verotel FlexPay payment system.

== Requirements ==

OsCommerce: v2.3.x
Other: A Verotel merchant account with shop which has FlexPay enabled.

== Installation ==

Please backup your site first. You do this *completely* at your own risk.

1. Select the ext and includes folders (in the same directory as this readme file)
2. Copy and paste these over the same folders in your OsCommerce installation.
3. You may be asked to confirm overwriting the folders.
- files should be unique so will just be added (and the folder structure maintained)
4. Login as to OsCommerce admin section and go to Modules > Payment
5. Click on Install Module button
6. You should see Verotel FlexPay listed there
7. Click on Verotel FlexPay
8. Click on Install Module button
9. Click on Edit button
10. Enter Verotel FlexPay credentials
11. Click on Save button