Receive the latest data on your competitors in real time with PriceSquid and adjust your prices to the market with our automated Price Setting tool.

PriceSquid was developed for e-commerce stores that are interested in being more competitive by staying informed about real time changes in the market and updating prices and product information based on these changes.

PriceSquid delivers product data from chosen competitors directly to your administrators, allowing you to set up customized price rules and perform up to date market analyses.


- Stay informed when competitors offer new products
- Perform better with a total product overview of your market
- Get real time price updates
- Explore price levels and demand in both established and new markets
- Receive product range and pricing information from your competitors
- Stay informed on Stock Status/Delivery Times
- Adjust your price levels according to market supply and demand
- Save countless hours spent browsing your competitors' sites
- Use our fully automated price setting tool
- Get a full real time overview of your market
- Compare products from all your competitors

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