The idea of this contrib is good. But there is a big issue with it which has no solution except of adding all possible files that must not be show to user after he takes some acton.


1. Not logged user go to the login page from eg. index page. He forgot password and restore it, clicking the "I forgot password" link. After that he redirects to login page again. If the user now enters the new login and password, he will be redirected to password forgotten page! but, because he actually login into the shop he receive a message about password changes again, redirected to login page, staying logged in. Very rude!
The solution is to add a password forgotten link to the list of excluded links.

2. The not logged user click one of the popup page and after that click to log in page. After successfully login he will be redirected to this poup page without any navigation!
The solution: include all popups to the exclude list.

3. Some AJAX may cause above errors. Eg. On registration page some AJAX script do something and return values. After registration completed the newly registered user will be redirected to the page with AJAC results.
The solution: add all your AJAX scripts to excluded list.

And so on. I don't recommend to use this contrib or you must very carefully test all possible situation. Remember! All the programmer think that user nevr do, the real user do any way.

Sorry my bad english. I think, my suggesions are clear.