Generate and upload feeds for any product search engine, including Google Product Search, PriceGrabber, BizRate, DealTime, mySimon,, Yahoo! Shopping, PriceRunner

Are you tired of having to find and install a new contribution for every new product feed you need? Or tired of having to pore over lots of code to make simple changes to your feeds?

The Feedmachine Solution is a system that allows you to easily create and manage feeds in one place. It means you only have to familiarize yourself with one very simple system in order to solve all of your product feed requirements.

How it works

The Feedmachine Solution is the core software that powers the system

For every feed you want to generate you need a Feedmachine Configuration file. You can create these files yourself (an explained example is provided with this software) or, where available, download them from the osCommerce community add-ons site (search for “Feedmachine Configuration”). To add a Feedmachine Configuration to the system you simply upload it to a directory on your server and the system will detect it automatically.

There is an admin section that allows you to make a few settings for each of your feeds (including the filename of the feed and ftp details if the feed needs to be uploaded).

You can run Feedmachine manually or automatically and it will generate and upload your feeds as required

Contributing Feedmachine Configuration Files

It would be brilliant if the community would contribute their configuration files. These should be added as separate contributions on the osC add-ons site and the following naming convention is proposed:

[name] (Feedmachine Configuration)

So e.g.

Shopzilla Product Feed (Feedmachine Configuration)

Please also make it clear in the description that this contribution is required and provide a link (