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Thread: I just donated to this site!

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    Default I just donated to this site!

    Only $5, what's that? a cup of coffee and a bit of cake.

    I have not been a member of this forum for long, but for a time I did try to use oscommerce and get it working with all the features that come "out of the box" with oscmax, by installing mods. It was hard work, not just because many of the mods that I installed did not work with mods that I had previously installed and although I always read the BOLD RED TEXT that tells me to take a back up first, I seem to find the time to skip that step, it's also because the osc forum, I found very difficult. Sure there is a "search this post" function, but does it work? A lot of the mods that I had problems with had over 300 pages (yes pages, not posts) and inorder to find the information that I wanted, I would have to read them all!

    Posting does not help because somewhere burried in the thread is the answer, and the generous soul that make it possible for people to add these features to their cart, for free, does not want to tell you anything other than to read the thread. Understandably. They have been generous enough already and really do not see why they should cater to you when the answer is already there. They do not realise that the answer is burried in a book that you do not have time to read.

    If you want to run a professional shopping cart, oscmax will save you perhaps 1000 hours of your time. All the mods that come as standard with oscmax would take you at least 40 hours to install, even if you had them all out of the box and did not have to find them all yourself. That in my opinion is worth at least $5.

    If you have ever been helped in this forum, or even if you are just using oscmax, you should follow me and donate at least $5 to this cause.

    The guys running this and supporting this forum are doing it because they are good people, and I think that is it appropriate to show appreciation for that.

    BTW, no-one asked me to write this, I do not even know anyone in here.

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    Default Re: I just donated to this site!

    Here's the link


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