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Thread: New To The Forum & Want To Say Hello!!

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    Default New To The Forum & Want To Say Hello!!

    Hello osCMax Forum,

    I guess I can easily be considered a Newbie to this forum, but Not a Newbie to forums in general as I know the great source of information available from other members more knowledgeable than myself!!

    I've been using the osCMaxv2.0.4 Version for about a year and a half and I'm very happy with it, except for the occasional glitch which brought me to this forum. I started a New Thread "Missing Order" in the osCMax v2 Features Discussion section of this Forum with the hopes of getting an answer to this glitch that has been driving me crazy for a week now.

    I will also share any expierences and knowledge that I can to the Forum whenever possible!!

    Thank You!!

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    New To The Forum & Want To Say Hello!!

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    Default Re: New To The Forum & Want To Say Hello!!

    Welcome to osCmax.


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    Default Re: New To The Forum & Want To Say Hello!!

    Thank You pgmarshall, Happy To Be Here!!

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