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Thread: Question about SSL's

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    Default Question about SSL's

    I currently am hosting my website on a hosting service that uses a basic RapidSSL certificate which we have been happy with.
    We are moving our website to HostGator within a month and are currently going through the plans to sign up. They can transfer our RapidSSL certificate for us but also they offer Comodo SSL's with their plans for an extra cost. One is the positivessl (SSL Certificates from COMODO) which appears to be a basic SSL similar to our RapidSSL.
    The other which I'm interested in is the instantlssl by Comodo (SSL Certificates Comodo Free SSL Digital Server SSL Certificate Authority). This one would cost more but what we like is that it has $10,000 protection which the others listed above don't have and also it has a verification seal where if someone either clicks on or hovers their mouse pointer over it it verifies our identity, location, and address. It would only cost us around $3 extra a month for this SSL which would add all of these features.
    Does anyone know much about Comodo. I know nothing about them so want to make sure that their SSL's are good. Thank you for any advice.

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    Default Re: Question about SSL's

    One thing I have heard is RapidSSL is a single root certificate and InstantSSL by Comodo is not a a single root certificate but is a chained root install. I heard this can make it harder to install but my hosting service would install it for me so that's not a big issue.
    The only issue is I have heard this can cause problems with mobile devices which are becoming so big now and can make it slower. Has anyone heard anything about this?

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    Default Re: Question about SSL's

    Installing any SSL certificate is the same as any other (chances are Comodo chained is already installed on the server - if not any hosting company should be able to do install it for you).

    Yes Comodo does not have there own SSL CA authority and is "chained" to another company's. This is only an issue if the two were to part ways for some reason (which I am sure would have some kind of a fall back plan) - but don't think that would happen anytime soon. Comodo has been around for a long time.

    Mobile devices - only issue is that older ones (like several years old) may not have a up to date CA list. Slower?? Not really - but it ALL depend in the availability of the SSL's CA certificate servers to respond - and that depend on a variety of things - from your connection point down to your own server back then to the CA server and back. For the most part - I can't see any difference my self for timing. Really if there was a speed issue - would an extra few milliseconds make a difference on a mobile device - not really - is all about BANDWIDTH - which s the LARGEST bottleneck anyway.

    For 33.95 and 30 day Refund Policy.....try it you can always upgrade to the other one - they are BOTH from Comodo anyway. If after 20 or so days and not happy - switch!....

    If your near an APPLE store - or if your friend has a iPhone or even a RIM/Blackberry - try your site now and after you move hosts.

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    Default Re: Question about SSL's

    Thanks for the explanation. I think I will go with Comodo and not sure which one but may go with instantssl. It costs more but like the extra use of the trustlogo.

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