I have both French and English languages installed. French is default.
When I check (for s.e.o. purposes) with SEO Browser to see what the search engins can see and index, I get a mixture of FR and EN. The catalog/index.php page (default FR) gives me the EN catalog/index.php page
a products page eg /catalog/peinture-interieur-c-17.html also gives me the body text in EN.
SEO urls is on

I added the missing code in order to tweek the keywords, descriptions to the \catalog\admin\includes\languages\french\languages .php file

define('TABLE_HEADING_SORT_ORDER', 'Ordre de tri');
define('TABLE_HEADING_META_KEYWORDS', 'Meta Mots clefs');
define('HEADING_LANGUAGE_META_KEYWORDS_NOTE', 'Meta Aide mots clefs');
define('TEXT_INFO_LANGUAGE_META_KEYWORDS', 'Meta mots clefs:');
define('TEXT_INFO_LANGUAGE_META_KEYWORDS_NOTE', 'Merci de s&eacute;parer les mots clefs avec , (virgules) et<b> note </b> que ils seront ins&eacute;r&eacute;s sur <b>CHAQUE</b>page de votre site..<br><br> Merci de les employer avec r&eacute;servecar OSCmax va g&eacute;n&eacute;rer automatiquement les Meta mots clefs pour votre site.');
Any ideas how to fix this would be much apreciated