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Anyone need help on where to start? Testing assignments?

  1. michael_s
    Ok, if you have joined this group, I am assuming you desire to help with testing.

    It is pretty easy to do.

    1. Install the dev copy of osCMax somewhere
    2. Go to the new installation admin panel and login
    3. Decide what feature set you want to test and go there in the admin
    4. If that feature set is admin only, be sure everything works as it should, if you notice anything that is not right, doesn't work or seems odd, post a report to the bugtracker (MantisBT).
    5. If the feature set is catalog side too, like a payment module, set it up in the admin, then test how it works in the catalog. Change options in the admin if possible, and re-test in the catalog. Again note anything that does not work, seems wrong, etc, No matter how small or trivial, and report in the bugtracker.

    Before picking a feature set, post here as to what you are testing (start a new discussion or join an open one). That will allow us to work better as a team and not duplicate work.
  2. blackhawk
    I will help out

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