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Thread: Advice for GCO osCMax Level 1 or 2?

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    Default Advice for GCO osCMax Level 1 or 2?

    I run two stores. my .com (uses Miva5) and is for US based customers. And since there were issues with shipping internationally
    I decided to seperate and have two stores. So I have just loaded OScMax to my .net which will be for my international business.

    I will be using OscMax only with google checkout and paypal for the OSCMax .net store.

    I mention my .com store because I have GCO running on it and using the callback notification for it, and will not need callback notification for the .net OSCMAx store.
    Do I need the level 2 module? I might be wrong but doesn't the level 2 mostly relate to the callback notification feature?

    If I do need a level 2 module regardless if I will enable (or even need) the callback notification. I have a question.

    I have downloaded the latest GCO module and notice in the install doc. that it says>>>
    * Note: If you applied a patch or manually modified the files to disable
    register_globals, go for Option B.
    If you have other modules installed on your osCMax installation, replacing
    your existing files might break your existing installation. In this case, you
    need to edit the existing files manually.

    Now I have a shared server and was having the register_globals error when I was trying to install OscMax. I couldn't find any php.ini file anywhere on my server nor could I find an htaccess file. I emailed my host and told him of the error and he said "Yeah it can be fixed in the htaccess file and I just did it for you." So I went to install Oscmax and the installed worked. Other than doing something to my htaccess file I do not know what else he did. I don't think he directly altered the php.ini file.

    or if Could I go with Option A in this case? I am assuming the htaccess file he changed was on his side not my side since it's shared?

    I do know I created an htaccess file upon installing oscmax and not sure if this file is the one changed or not?

    My question is I would rather install only what I need, If I can install a level 1 and that is all I need I would rather do that.

    I don't intend to have digital signatures or notifications. I simply want the cart info to be able to be successfully transfered to GCO's page and to have some funtionality for the shipping method.
    I have paypal working on my oscmax (other than usps shipping calculations) and just looking for basics.

    I would rather go with the Option A install. But does it sound like in my case that I need to do all the manual installing and use of file comparisions as stated in the installation Doc?
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