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Thread: osCMax v2.5.4 - Need Contractor

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    Default osCMax v2.5.4 - Need Contractor

    I have been working on the problem of Chrome, IE, Safari, and Opera not allowing someone to log in for a while now. Although I'm a fairly good programmer - this is the first job I've had where I've had to work with a canned package. So I am stuck. Every time I think I've figured out why the above browsers won't allow someone to log in - it turns out not to be the problem.

    So - talked with my boss and he said get someone who's worked with osCMax for a while to look at this and figure the problem out. So that is what this post is about. We need a contractor who has worked with osCMax for a while. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the program to take a look at why osCMax is doing this.

    Problem: For Chrome, IE, Safari, and Opera - osCMax calls the login.php script and logs the person in. It then calls the index.php script which wipes out the person's login and says they are not logged in. (This is traced via Code Lobster.)

    FireFox: FireFox also calls the login.php script and logs the person in. It then calls the index.php script but it DOES log the person in.

    Notes: I ran into something similar years ago between just Netscape Navigator and IE but for the life of me I can't remember what was causing it. (I know I'm dating myself here because NN hasn't been around for over ten years.)

    Anyway: Cash paid for anyone who can figure this out. Send quotes and references to mark-at-briley-dot-com. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: osCMax v2.5.4 - Need Contractor

    After three months of trying to get osCMax to conform to what we need (manufacturer doing specialized items) we have decided to do a "Build your own" website. So a contractor is no longer needed.

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