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Thread: Anyone building projects in ubuntu?

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    Question Anyone building projects in ubuntu?

    I'm looking a web developing editor for linux that is very easy on resources and backs up folders (i.e. compresses an oscmax catalog folder to zip file). Aptana did this easily but its too big an bulky. I'm currently exploring the kate-editor but don't see that feature in it... Any takers?


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    Anyone building projects in ubuntu?

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    Lightbulb Re: Anyone building projects in ubuntu?

    I just right-click on catalog and compress to bz2, in File Manager (Nautilus).
    You could try Screem - I just hand code, so dunno if any good, compared to what you're used to. I just use gedit but there's also gphpedit.

    Combined with firebug and virtual desktops, I guess I do things the hard way.


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    Default Re: Anyone building projects in ubuntu?

    ridex you are right - it so easy to simply compress a folder. I was so use to doing it in aptana for so long, but now by right clicking the folder or through the terminal, its a win situation - thanks for the tip.

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