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Thread: Can't get email to work

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    Question Can't get email to work

    Can someone point me to info for setting up the automated email? My info:
    I'm self hosting on test bed WAMP win2k server, eaysPHP1.8 (PHP4.3.10, MySQL4.1.9) ATT DSL. Everything works perfectly except the email. i'm not running an email server and want to use my att email to send the email if possible. Howver, my account requires authentication to send email. There is a post about modifying the config.php files to allow for this, but this is on oscommerce and it appears that oscmax has changed these files.
    Help very much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Can't get email to work

    Sorry - but this is not an issue with osCMax. There is nothing that osCMax can do to force email though unless there is mail services available though the server.

    It a server issue and your server setup. Google the web.

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