With my June Merchant Statement I had a notice that the presentation timeframe for Mastercard will be changed from 30 to 7 days. It stated to settle within 7 days or you could likely be subject to chargebacks for late presentment. They recommend to protect against chargebacks to settle promptly and if that is not possible to obtain a new authorization.

Most of the time I plan to settle promptly but there may be cases that it may be delayed and even cases where it could be delayed beyond 7 days. How is the best way to handle this?
Does VISA or Discover have a similar policy?
Most of all, if I have to go beyond 7 days how do I obtain a new authorization? Do I have to refund the purchase and then have the person pay again or can I somehow simply refund and do the payment again myself or even just simply somehow select reauthorize?

I am fairly new to this so I'm confused as to the best way to do this. I should ask also by delayed settlement do they mean the settlement that is often done at end of day (I do it at 4PM daily) or do they mean authorizing a card and capturing later?