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Thread: osCommerce vs osCMax and Contributions for osCMax 2.5

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    Default osCommerce vs osCMax and Contributions for osCMax 2.5

    #1 I am a bit confused, so can someone can tell me what the difference between osCommerce 2.2 and osCmax 2.5 is. It seems max comes with many of the contributions that normally need to be installed are already part of the installation which sure makes sense as it seems to take a lot of time to get osCommerce ready to go, but any clarification would be appreciated.

    #2 Also I have been searching contributions and the majority seem to be for version 2.2. Do these work with 2.5? Are there contributions for ocCmax 2.5? I need to create a website in 3 languages (English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese) The client is giving me all of the text for all 3 languages and someone here has tested to see that this should be possible, but the problem is that each of the 11 products need extra descriptive pages, each in one of the 3 languages. Does anyone know if this can be done 'out of the box" with max or is the a contribution to make it happen. My concern is the links from the main product page to the 3 -5 pages of information.

    Any and all help greatly appreciated because it looks like I am going to get this job. I figured at worst I would create HTML pages for the extra pages and put the code for the links in the product description, but it seems there should be an easier way to do this.


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    osCommerce vs osCMax and Contributions for osCMax 2.5

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    Default Re: osCommerce vs osCMax and Contributions for osCMax 2.5

    1) Yes. osCmax is based on osCommerce 2.2 but with hundreds of modules installed and properly integrated together.

    2) osCommerce contributions do integrate into osCmax but they are not drag and drop installs. osCmax has tabbed descriptions (up to 6 of them) for each language you have running - which I would have thought is more than enough to get even the longest description in!


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