View Full Version : [Git/BitBucket] Develop branch updated with first round of PHP7 fixes

04-24-2017, 09:32 AM
I'm happy to announce that the Develop branch in our bitbucket repo has been updated with the first round of PHP7 compatibility fixes. This update will allow you to run osCmax on php 7, 7.1 without any errors.

The installer is 100% PHP7 compliant, producing no errors, warnings or notices. The Catalog and Admin still need much work updating code to produce no warnings or notices, but if you suppress them (default osCmax behavior) the software will run without any problems or indication that further work is needed.

If you are familiar with Git you can clone the repo and test it out. If you just want to download and give it a try without using Git, grab the download here:
oscmax / oscmax2 / Downloads — Bitbucket (https://bitbucket.org/oscmax/oscmax2/downloads/?tab=branches)

It is the Develop branch zip or tar you want.

Remember, there is no easy upgrade path yet and still a huge amount of changes to come, so don't try to upgrade an existing store or use this in production. It will just cause you immense headaches!

Do you want to see what was in this last update? Take a look here:
oscmax / oscmax2
/ Pull request #8: Develop
— Bitbucket (https://bitbucket.org/oscmax/oscmax2/pull-requests/8)

Let me know what you think!

05-21-2017, 03:14 PM
I'm down to three issues that need further work before I can package and release v2.5.5. Mainly it's the two compatibility bug reports:
[OSCMAX-1310] PHP 7.0 Compatibility Issues - osCmax e-Commerce Software (https://oscmax.atlassian.net/browse/OSCMAX-1310)
[OSCMAX-1298] Notice Errors/PHP and MySQLi Compatibility issues - osCmax e-Commerce Software (https://oscmax.atlassian.net/browse/OSCMAX-1298)

Those two are tedious. There are a lot of undefined warnings/notices for variables, constants, etc... It's my own personal whack-a-mole nightmare! Although tedious, the reward is a clean running, secure package that has years more life on php7+

The other issue is easier and is just adding the anti-csrf token code to the remaining forms in the admin panel.
[OSCMAX-1284] CSRF add admin user - osCmax e-Commerce Software (https://oscmax.atlassian.net/browse/OSCMAX-1284)

Once those have been bagged, v2.5.5 will be released. Hopefully some of you have been testing it out from Git and can give some feedback before then.