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11-12-2016, 09:26 AM
http://www.oscommerce.com/public/sites/Website/images/news/oscom240.png We're extremely proud to announce the next osCommerce Online Merchant release series is rolling out now starting with the beta release of v2.4.0 Joli! This is a developers release that has a rapid weekly release schedule to finalize the framework API and to build on to the v2.x series with quality production ready releases.

v2.4.0 Joli Beta includes the community led effort by Gary Burton to modernize the frontend with a responsive Bootstrap template called Sail. This not only aims to improve the customer experience on the site frontend to encourage and improve sales, but also on the site backend with a more user intuitive interface to work with the business side of sales.

The OSC\OM framework that was introduced in the v3.0 developer series has been backported and invites developers to start migrating their add-ons to the new self-contained App infrastructure that not only allows for more secure and easier installations of third-party software, but also online installations and updates through the Administration Dashboard (coming in a later beta release). This involves a tight integration into our new App Marketplace that will be launched in the near future.

v2.4.0 will be the only public release of the v2.4 beta series -*all weekly updates during the beta phase will be delivered through the online update feature to get the online update feature tested on as many server configurations as possible.

There are still a lot of changes planned during the beta phase that will break the framework API and is the reason for the beta release series. All changes between releases will be documented to keep developers up-to-date and to help them finalize their Apps for the production ready release.

We're committed to Open Source and are continuing our goal of moving from the GPL license to the MIT license. This is the first release in the v2.x series to be completely licensed under the MIT license.

osCommerce Online Merchant v2.4.0 Joli Beta can be downloaded at:

Online Merchant | osCommerce (https://www.oscommerce.com/Products)

The PayPal for osCommerce Online Merchant App is bundled with this release. The Braintree for osCommerce Online Merchant App can be downloaded separately at:


It will be possible to install and upgrade Apps directly in the Administration Dashboard in an upcoming beta release.

Documentation for this release series is available at:

osCommerce Library, Online Merchant v2.4 Joli (https://library.oscommerce.com/Online&oscom_2_4)

Discussions on this release series can be found at:

osCommerce Support Forums (http://forums.oscommerce.com)

Known issues and bug fixes can be found at:

Issues * osCommerce/oscommerce2 * GitHub (https://github.com/osCommerce/oscommerce2/issues)

An online demonstration of v2.4.0 Joli Beta can be found at:


We'd like to thank the community for helping us out with the development of this release and for their continued dedication and support, and especially thank Joli for the good times he shared with all of us in the community. This release series is dedicated to you pal, you will always be remembered.

, osCommerce

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