View Full Version : [Products/Categories] Help with QT Pro, trying to track atributes and sell atribute as stand alone product.

12-04-2011, 08:14 AM
We want to sell a customized product. Pick your components we assemble and send it out. The components can be handled via QT pro but we would like to also sell the attribute options separately as a stand alone product and keep a single quantity tracking solution.

Say you want a customized widget, and we offer red, blue, and white trim. We stock the trim and also sell it separately as a stand alone product for the do it yourselfer to install.

We can add a customized product and track option quantities

Customized widget - 9.99

Trim Options

-None +0.00

-Red +1.99

-White +1.99

-Blue +1.99

We would then like to be able to have the trim available in another category for sale as a stand alone product. When we sell out of blue trim as stand alone or as an option I would like both to become unavailable for purchase.

I realize I could make my stand alone product "Trim" and add options to it, but photos sell products so I would prefer to have one product for each color with photo of its respective colors.

Is there a way to accomplish this?