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11-09-2009, 01:35 AM
I have been doing a great deal of development on non-OSC related products and have been moving more into jquery (ie: web 2.0).

The first issue I see is that a full web 2.0 store is NOT a good store. The most simple reason is that it will not index in google. The second slightly more complex reason is that we rely on people to cut-and-paste our URLs in their posts on forums so that we get more traffic (and better google ranking).

On the other hand, I do believe that there are opportunities to web 2.0 PORTIONS of the store that will enhance the user experience. For instance a "buy now" that puts the selected product into the shopping cart from a listings page without a page reload.

In addition some pages can be completely rewritten as they don't get indexed and no one points to them. The checkout procedure and contact us come to mind as ones that should be all web 2.0.

So, I guess this is off-topic as it doesn't deal with specific OSCMax issues, but seeks to sort of roundtable discuss what portions of a shopping cart can be, or should be, made web 2.0 to increase the user experience without impacting things that users do (like cut and paste URLs) or the bots do (like index content that can be seen, not loaded via javascript).