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06-22-2009, 09:26 PM
Sometimes in the shipping industry, there are problems encountered. Such as, shipping the items to the wrong person or maybe the items that was shipped is incorrect Why do these happened? When they are sure that all information are correct? Customers get irritated with all the fuss returning the item to where it came from. Sometimes there is a fraud going on. These are people who maybe outside the business. And some are not aware of this. People who worked in the shipping industry must really be sure that they have shipped the correct items and the person they will send to. It would be best if possible they would contact the person who ordered it so that there will be no problems.:p

06-24-2009, 01:13 PM
Two words:


But to really screw up you need a computer.....

9 vers 0 3 and 8 can get easily mixed up and get miss routed - a bit of dyslexia can cause issues too.

When you have a ZIP code and is miss entered - no too many people will verify the state and city is even correct for the ZIP. People will bounce things back an forth between points cause of this. Labels come off, parcels get miss placed, truck get into accidents, theift happens at any time (internally or externally).

With Hundreds of Thousands of packages each day being handled - When you end up with a MANGLED box with labels and torn and illegible - and laws that limit people from opening packages packages - and when they are able to - lack of information contain withing.......

Package that go astray tends to stay such... That is why there is shipping insurance.