View Full Version : Freight over max weight 5kg still selectable

03-20-2009, 09:50 PM
I am using a zone shipping module for postage to a set upper limit 5 kg
even though the product weight exceeds this it is still a selectable option
how do i stop it being available/selectable

RE:Named Prepaid Express Post Bag

Enable Zones Method
Do you want to offer zone rate shipping?


Zone 1 Shipping Table
Shipping rates to Zone 1 destinations based on a group of maximum order weights. Example: 3:8.50,7:10.50,... Weights less than or equal to 3 would cost 8.50 for Zone 1 destinations.

I have set this to 3:12.80,6:19.50
But as shown below it allows selection @$0.00

Please select the preferred shipping method to use on this order.
Please Select

Prepaid Express Post Bag*

This Order Exceeds the 5 Kg limit for this Method of Delivery

Toll or an Equivalent carriers OFF Peak Road*

Toll or an Equivalent carriers Off Peak Delivery 1-3 Business Days

Toll or an Equivalent carriers Overnight Road Freight*

Toll Priority or an Equivalent carriers Usuall Next Day Delivery

Even if it just Disallowed selection would be good