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  1. customer testimonials
  2. Adding Facebook Like button with Open Graph support... guide and code examples.
  3. How to disable attributes price prefix in the dropdown menu?
  4. what happen to Image Required
  5. [Mod Request] Replace New Products with Product Categories
  6. printable catalog
  7. adding meta tag
  8. [Mod Installation] Single Page Checkout 2.5 RC1
  9. oscommerce mod to oscmax instruction help
  10. Hide site to all but registered customers (wholesale site)
  11. Can image download be disabled from product site.
  12. 301 redirects for www and non www issue
  13. [Core Hack] Adding email address and phone number to Order Email
  14. Added 'ZZ' Country Option to Zone Shipping
  15. product price breaks "From" price
  16. language (dutch)
  17. Option to View by Page or View All
  18. [Template Hack] idea for affiliate information continue button
  19. forget password missing from affiliate page login?
  20. add affiliate link to the infobox
  21. question with BTS stylesheet link
  22. Show a questionnaire instead of standard checkout success page?
  23. [Mod Request] Is it possible to have POA instead of a price??
  24. [Mod Request] CC w/ CVV2
  25. Product Personalization
  26. Corner banners
  27. Products Price Breaks
  28. [Mod Request] Bulk Status Change
  29. [Mod Installation] E.U. VAT Intracom Number
  30. Payment Modeules for Bank of America Merchant Services
  31. Payment and shipping modules
  32. Would like to Print - Print catalog
  33. Links Manager
  34. Hiding an information page from the sidebar links
  35. Converting myQBI for use with OSCMAX 2.5RC1
  36. Customer Testimonials
  37. Sitemonitor
  38. [Mod Installation] Installing another language other than the the pre installed
  39. OSCMAX 2.5 Cant edit customers info (no update button)
  40. Modified general.php file
  41. Google Plus one button
  42. Removing image Alt
  43. [Mod Request] [mod help] postcode check, one page checkout
  44. issues on social bookmarking v2
  45. how to use Free Shipping per Product 1.0 by Denis Witt
  46. [Mod Installation] languages
  47. [Mod Installation] Credit Card via ANZ Bank
  48. [Mod Request] Ajax Attribute Price Change
  49. LiveZilla on top right of header in v2.5RC1
  50. osCmax 2.5 RC1 and PayPal Pro for osCommerce 2.2MS2+ Trouble
  51. [Mod Request] Product Registration
  52. [Mod Installation] Uhtml Email - Work-in Progress - Help Wanted
  53. [Mod Installation] Batch Order Update Status: Installed - 95% working
  54. Oscommerce Version Compatibility
  55. opc charset
  56. WP Online Store
  57. Link on top to return to Website
  58. Shipping module problems oscmax 2.5
  59. rewrite syntax help please
  60. Is it possible to block credit cards starting with a certain #, - not the whole card?
  61. [Template Hack] update for affiliate link on information.tpl.php
  62. Google Base New Fields
  63. how to fix/adjust the attribute checkbox feature display
  64. event scheduler
  65. [Mod Installation] Bank Simple Payment Page and One Page Checkout conflict
  66. £ or € customers pricing
  67. [Mod Installation] Customer email notification help
  68. [Mod Request] jQuery Modal Shopping Cart / Checkout
  69. [Core Hack] FeedMachine Configs
  70. Payment Module Titles and Field names on Order Page
  71. oscmax and affiliate product selling - can it be done?
  72. Reviews
  73. [Template Hack] Disable quantity.
  74. Advanced Search via Product Attributes
  75. OscmaxGift Registry?
  76. One product at a time in cart
  77. How to Change - Order Confirmation e-mail for admin
  78. Order Confirmation e-mail afer change order status
  79. Making Wishlist page to display all customers' wishlists.
  80. Percentage price per attribute with dynamic price change
  81. social media connect
  82. Bank transfer payment module not working
  83. Adding Product Thumbnail to Order Confirmation Email
  84. [Mod Installation] Cardinal Commerce Module - 3d secure add on
  85. [Core Hack] Show customer group name to customer
  86. [Mod Request] How to set focus in admin to the orders search box (Put the cursor in the order search field)
  87. Creating Bra Size Calculator - form connecting to DB
  88. FedEx - Web Services v9
  89. Using OScmax WITHOUT the shopping cart
  90. [Mod Request] edit_order
  91. tep_??? Guide
  92. [Core Hack] Remove the Step 1 Dropdown for edit_orders_add_product?
  93. Norwegian fraktpriser - where does the javascript code go?
  94. Add Multiple Products Contrib
  95. Export Orders To Quickbooks
  96. I need to sort out the customer orders by one particular attribute
  97. I need to adjust box to the rest of boxes
  98. making a new page for new products and specials
  99. Small problem . . . PayPal Express . . . not showing define names . . .
  100. offline cc process through authorize.net
  101. Confusion Regarding Add-On's
  102. [Mod Installation] Header Tags SEO installation success?
  103. Home Page
  104. How to make signatures for all product pictures
  105. How to make scrolling in featured_gbox_products module
  106. [Mod Request] Oscmax v2.5 Product Quantity Price in List View - Help
  107. Product Quantity and Price in List View
  108. more than 1 for order number increment
  109. [Mod Installation] SEO URL - Clicking upon Product URL keep Getting Redirected to Home Page
  110. Perfect SEO Url - Addons without Product id Oscmax
  111. Paypal & osCmax 2.5 rc2
  112. MailChimp Sync error
  113. [Mod Installation] index page redirect to cookies enable page - Force Cookie Use - False
  114. [Mod Request] Search By Product Attribute..... in admin panel
  115. [Template Hack] PDF Specification sheets for some products
  116. Priced too low to show mod?
  117. Free shipping a separate column instead of just 0 weight
  118. Different Homepage look and feel then rest of store (OSC Max 2.5 RC2)
  119. [Mod Installation] seo g ulrs modifications
  120. Using Easy Populate and photo URLS rather than filenames
  121. Need help with adding Mod.
  122. Custom Link in Categoires
  123. Working with svn revisions and identifying which installation is which
  124. [Mod Installation] Klarna payment method
  125. Mobile Browser Support
  126. [Mod Installation] Display Subcategories above Product Listing
  127. Google Shopping results
  128. External Customer Reviews Links
  129. Unishippers Shipping module
  130. Add a free gift
  131. image url
  132. Additional function to the button.
  133. Individual Shipping in 2.5.1
  134. [Mod Request] Shipping mods for 2.5
  135. [Mod Installation] Help with PayPal mod
  136. Adding Norwegian language - white page
  137. [Core Hack] Allow buttons to be formats other than GIF
  138. Mod/Hack : Bulk editor by database columns
  139. store order with CVV2 using "Credit Card (Not For Production Use)"
  140. How to offer Saturday Delivery / Before 9 etc.
  141. Change Price with Ajax on attribute selection in Product_info page
  142. [Core Hack] How to select multiple values in the multiple select box in osCmax?
  143. Move custom message in recover cart sales
  144. Freightquote.com Oscommerce contribution
  145. Feature request: Product availability options
  146. Social Login (facebook etc)
  147. Shipping Modules and One Page Checkout?
  148. 301 redirects - where to add them? htaccess breaks site
  149. [Core Hack] Adding database columns and future problems.
  150. [Core Hack] Product List Changes to include MSRP and other fields
  151. Securepay
  152. Paymate Payment in V2.5
  153. feedback in oscmax
  154. customers testimonials 6.0
  155. [Mod Request] VTiger osCmax integration needed
  156. Ulimate SEO upgrade to PRO
  157. Database Optimizer V 1.0
  158. Dynamic Mopics... where did the table "products_images" go?
  159. shipping module for more than 1 distributor
  160. category levels
  161. Amazon style categories
  162. How to have different table rates for different customer groups
  163. MAP Price, please help me with the file i need to locate
  164. [Template Hack] How to widen pop-out menu
  165. Change customer status automatically after payment
  166. [Core Hack] Quick Update for osCmax 2.5.1
  167. multi store request
  168. does this work with max 2.5?
  169. Alinging attribute select boxes and checkboxes
  170. Points and Rewards Plug In
  171. Change link for Add To Cart button.
  172. Pass coupon code in url
  173. Has anyone any experience with the OScommerce add on ' Send email with attachment V2' Contribution
  174. How to be able to send email to a select group or groups of customers
  175. product attribute text box
  176. Product Attributes combined with Separate Pricing Per Customer
  177. Gross price in attribute manager
  178. another store based on osCMax
  179. check permissions in oscmax does not appear in the admin
  180. Product attributes and price display
  181. How did you hear about us Contrib
  182. Product Listing - Results/Page
  183. Adding links to information pages
  184. PDF print catalog
  185. [Mod Request] Disable shopping cart in v2.5.1
  186. [Mod Installation] Reviews in Product Display
  187. [Mod Request] Orphaned but powerful highly customized version for adoption
  188. change default product sort order
  189. is it possible to add a "select date for product pick-up"?
  190. Using Stripe for credit card payments - any opinions?
  191. [Mod Installation] Discontinued Products
  192. Referral link in affiliate_clokc
  193. i want to add watermark while uploading a product image or on all uploaded products.
  194. Sagepay Form integration and error 5006 in test and simulator mode
  195. is posible install this payment modules to oscmax 2.5.1?
  196. Another Shipping Estimator - Cost Shipping in Shopping_cart Frais de port dans le panier
  197. Default refresh rate in Who's Online 3.6.6
  198. [Mod Installation] Unreviewed Products Page Module
  199. osCommerce vs osCMax and Contributions for osCMax 2.5
  200. Payment module TPV 4b (Banco Santander) adapted to osCmax 2.5
  201. Class/Event schedule
  202. [Mod Request] Does OscMax2.5 preinstalled mega tag and link managerII
  203. [Mod Request] Product extra field to restrict product display
  204. Realex payment module
  205. Easily using Extra Product Fields - howto please!
  206. Need a payment module for Australia
  207. Problem with Text imprint
  208. wrong charaters in attribute manager
  209. looking for a way to share an order
  210. [Mod Request] Buy 1 Get 1 Free - has anyone successfully installed this?
  211. [Mod Request] Custom voucher creation
  212. [Mod Request] City specific products and services
  213. [Core Hack] Allow Code Suffix Seperator To Be Changed
  214. Google Trusted Stores on osCmax
  215. Help: About Us (Dynamic New Page) woes
  216. [Mod Installation] Testimonial Manager don't show in admin>Tools
  217. Modifying shipping_methods to use css not tables but not change core file
  218. Integration of oscmax shopping cart with Shipstation
  219. Help: How to install shareolic social bookmarks
  220. Trying to turn off images popping up on product info page.
  221. Which shipping estimator has proven the most effective?
  222. [Core Hack] Small tweak to Admin Canned Comments to include only customers First name
  223. CloudFlare
  224. Disallow purchase of items based on location
  225. Request: Email anyone from Admin. Any tips, hacks or contributions for this?
  226. Trying to install Manufacturer2_3_0
  227. "Text Imprint" contribution character lmit
  228. Image resizing
  229. Module Problem ?
  230. Forum/Message board
  231. [Core Hack] Corner banners now show MSRP savings value
  232. [Core Hack] product_info "Quantiry price break display"
  233. [Core Hack] Alway Display Attribute Difference/Price
  234. osCmax 2.5.2 & Canada Post - Adding Length, Width, and Height parameters to shopping_cart.php
  235. changing link color in information box
  236. Change default listing order
  237. Adding local are fees - Eco-Fee on only some products and applies only in one province/state
  238. Product Master/Child Relationship
  239. Is is possible to create password for customers from admin?
  240. [Mod Request] Tracking Affiliates Who Log In
  241. [Core Hack] Easy Price Break Pricing
  242. Product Sort Order - Help!
  243. How to change articles text on top of articles box
  244. multiple store emails?
  245. [Core Hack] gift voucher only check out
  246. Add a custom JavaScript file to your master template
  247. [Mod Request] Is there a direct checkout mod for oscmax?
  248. [Mod Installation] [interest?] Thermoprinter reciept
  249. [Core Hack] Only Show In Stock Products In Specials and Whats New Boxes
  250. [Mod Request] [Urgent requirement] E-Mail Confirmation on account creation/edit