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  1. [Catalog Issue] Entry_State not being recorded at account creation 2.5 RC1
  2. NEEDED - test purchase in my store (paypal)
  3. [Catalog Issue] Charset in ONE PAGE CHECKOUT
  4. sub category images blurry when uploaded in admin.
  5. order email doesnt show total with discount
  6. [Catalog Issue] IE7 Table Position Problems
  7. SEO URLs and Canonical link
  8. [Admin Issue] Site maps not generating SEO URLs
  9. [Catalog Issue] New Accounts Returned: 1
  10. [Admin Issue] Importing old database from old oscommerce store
  11. [Catalog Issue] Customer - company information
  12. [Admin Issue] Countries can't be disabled anymore
  13. [Catalog Issue] Multiple images and zoom feature bug
  14. [Installer Issue] https/ssl images on 1&1
  15. [Catalog Issue] addslashes() & MoPics error
  16. [Admin Issue] Editing information pages
  17. [Admin Issue] No Access to Admin Section
  18. [Admin Issue] Shipping USPS/UPS XML not showing up
  19. [Admin Issue] Need to display zip code next to city in Invoice S3
  20. [Catalog Issue] Corner Banners - not recognizing out of stock
  21. Problem with German orders
  22. typo in admin
  23. HACKED or not?
  24. [Catalog Issue] "Out of Stock" image misaligned under Grid View in IE9
  25. Some emails sent from oscmax v2.5 RC1 gets trapped in spam filters
  26. [Admin Issue] weird files inserting in admin folder
  27. FCKEditor to CKEditor.
  28. Paypal IPN v2.4 error for currency with more than 2 decimal places
  29. Collision Propagation Issue
  30. [Admin Issue] easypop has a funny bug
  31. [Admin Issue] banner manager not uploading image
  32. Feature Request
  33. [Admin Issue] Whos online issue
  34. Shipping page loading slow?
  35. Slow sending of store Emails
  36. site loading slow
  37. [Catalog Issue] PHP files in images folder and images not showing
  38. [Catalog Issue] ONEPAGE_SHOW_CUSTOM_COLUMN table missnig tr
  39. [Catalog Issue] missing closing tag on shopping_cart.php box page
  40. [Catalog Issue] possible bug with sending wishlist email?
  41. [Catalog Issue] category id issue with affiliate popup page
  42. affiliate category banner does not get loaded into the URL when trying to create affiliate banners
  43. [Admin Issue] Which is the good format of the Store Logo to print PDF?
  44. [Catalog Issue] fwr menu 2 issues I found so far
  45. Menu
  46. Must Agree Terms
  47. [Admin Issue] Recover cart sales
  48. Error in Customer Page in Admin
  49. One page checkout WorldPay callback problem
  50. [Catalog Issue] Problems with Extra Product Fields
  51. Problem with Specials
  52. [Catalog Issue] Wishlist - Ability to disable
  53. Linked products showing twice in Specials
  54. Wishlist doesn't remove product from wishlist when purchased
  55. need password recovery help for affiliates
  56. [Catalog Issue] Attribute check boxes - only 1 selection will work
  57. Admin Menu vertical without tab formatting
  58. 'Tell a friend' used for spamming
  59. [Admin Issue] Feedmachine not processing multiple configuration files
  60. How many of the programmers actually operate a store???
  61. No shipping on checkout
  62. [Admin Issue] Small issues in create Order
  63. [Admin Issue] no place to enter USPS password
  64. [Catalog Issue] Cart with no price for products below 1.00eur.
  65. Sub catagory image issue
  66. Corner banners not lining up
  67. always ships with FedEx ?
  68. FedEx won't print barcode label
  69. [Admin Issue] Errors in french language pleas tacke care i stop to have confiance
  70. [Admin Issue] XSell not updating using Easy populate
  71. [Catalog Issue] Affiliates not collecting data
  72. colors in the language pack
  73. Editing Information Page Can Freeze Edit Page in Admin
  74. zip code for all countries
  75. Create Order
  76. Issues with Checkout and Shipping and Gift Vouchers
  77. wholesale customers in opc
  78. www.sofortueberweisung.de
  79. Specials and Error Message When Set to Zero or Blank
  80. Easy Populate not inserting into database
  81. [Catalog Issue] Bug no #0000702 Not solved to me :|
  82. [Catalog Issue] Featured Category Anomoly
  83. [Catalog Issue] One Page Checkout throwing errors following SSL install.
  84. Who's Online 3.6.6 not showing whats in cart
  85. [Catalog Issue] What's New issue
  86. [Catalog Issue] Wrong charset in checkout/cart.php
  87. [Catalog Issue] SEO Urls for special characters - additional language
  88. Customer Can't Login---Goes to Advanced_Search.php
  89. Admin displaying broken code instead of page
  90. [Admin Issue] Couldn't browse osCmax pages twice
  91. [Catalog Issue] question about favicons and https://
  92. 2.5 RC2 Your viewed products box problem
  93. bug / fix reference guide
  94. individual shipping price is not added to product price in checkout page
  95. Categories not showing in admin
  96. Bug Fix: #565 - MSRP fix to display SPPC
  97. edit order gives a blank page
  98. [Catalog Issue] Categories are not sorting in the order inserted
  99. [Catalog Issue] SEO Popout Menu displays suckertree.js script problem
  100. odd problem - p; showing in product listing boxes?
  101. Slideshow transition speed
  102. Problem with Paypal Redirect
  103. Can't add images after failed mod install.
  104. spam - customers
  105. 1064 mysql error in admin panel
  106. blank pages in some admin links
  107. RC1 image resizing
  108. [Catalog Issue] help understanding banner manager setup
  109. [Catalog Issue] Updating images from Admin change gif or png to JPG format
  110. Possible SQL injection vulnerability in the login form
  111. article feature request
  112. Newbie to OSCMAX...
  113. [Catalog Issue] image zoomer" problem".
  114. No shipping during checkout with free shipping
  115. Error During Checkout - Checkout without account
  116. [Catalog Issue] Wholesale price is rounded up at checkout if below 1
  117. [Admin Issue] Register Globals Setting
  118. 'Your Viewed products' problem and a silly little issue
  119. [Catalog Issue] Can't process orders for $0
  120. phpThumb ERROR
  121. Text shows up twice on product_info page
  122. [Admin Issue] Admin Edit orders customer order totals (IE9)
  123. order confirmation fix
  124. cross selling images overlapping
  125. one page checkout white page
  126. Mailchimp list URL error
  127. Attribute Manager display broken
  128. PayPal Website Payments Standard Problem
  129. Authorize.net problem
  130. checkout.php page shows two duplicate osCsid numbers
  131. admin coupon problem
  132. [Admin Issue] Address Format and Address Line 2
  133. Fatal error!!??
  134. [Admin Issue] Tracking of search keywords not deleting data from DB
  135. [Admin Issue] Wrong contents in catalog/admin/includes/languages/german/affiliate_payment.php
  136. [Catalog Issue] Images not showing up in affiliate_banners_build
  137. [Catalog Issue] Order Total - Tax problem
  138. [Catalog Issue] One Page Checkout fails with "Please select a payment method..."
  139. [Admin Issue] Articles Manager
  140. Url offers everyone my login box
  141. .htaccess for cache folder
  142. add new order comment
  143. [Catalog Issue] Products added but not showing in the catalog
  144. [Catalog Issue] Is there a way to use different Captcha characters on Contact Us form?
  145. [Catalog Issue] UPSXML won't calculate Maryland, detects as abbrev. ML
  146. [Admin Issue] orders are showing in admin,but customers aren't.
  147. Problem logging into Admin
  148. Stock problem ordering the same product with and without attribute
  149. [Catalog Issue] Discount categories + quantity blocks + One-Page Checkout
  150. [Admin Issue] Admin default tab not changing?
  151. PayPal Express Checkout Module - One-Page Checkout problem
  152. After Server move/upgrade, users cannot login . . .
  153. [Catalog Issue] Wholesale prices not displaying
  154. [Installer Issue] Requiring a phone number
  155. products attributes designing
  156. [Admin Issue] USPS 2012 Rates and Services
  157. Individual Shipping Prices
  158. Ultimate SEO Urls 5
  159. Google Sitemap Generator Report Results in "Restricted Access" Error
  160. Strange Order Problem - Random Orders Not Being Stored On System
  161. [Catalog Issue] Possible bug when displaying featured products
  162. Order emails not being sent (paypal)
  163. Independent quantities not allow?
  164. osc Contribution Version Information
  165. [Catalog Issue] Free Shipping Items Mixed with Standard Shipping items
  166. Google Analytics Async not completely updated
  167. When oscmax will have the option of multi-vendor?
  168. [Admin Issue] Cash on Delivery
  169. Category Parent Not Displaying in SEO URL
  170. Zoom (click) on images show Whit Box, not show the image
  171. [Catalog Issue] Individual Shipping
  172. Google checkout Vs Weight issue
  173. [Admin Issue] CKEDITOR not working in Safari 5.1.2 OSCMAX 2.5.0
  174. Coupons Not Being Sent To Paypal Using Paypal IPN
  175. [Admin Issue] OSCMAX 2.5 order comments
  176. Width of Product Page
  177. [Catalog Issue] Cannot add first product attribute
  178. [Catalog Issue] Google analytics.php specific ecommerce order details not working
  179. [Catalog Issue] osCmax 2.5 beta 3 - One page checkout problem with IE
  180. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 Issue
  181. [Catalog Issue] Month names provided by webserver...
  182. [Admin Issue] Escape codes showing in the order pages.
  183. [Catalog Issue] Default language still loads english on catalog side
  184. cannot log into admin
  185. [Admin Issue] admin > assigning an attribute to a product
  186. [Catalog Issue] Banner Manager 2.5
  187. [Admin Issue] Couple of bugs found
  188. [Catalog Issue] Image Zoomer not working on 2.5.0?
  189. Oasmax 2.5 Stable Version - Checkout Ajax - Page Takes Time to Reload + Lost Details Once Hit at Confirm
  190. Need translation to other languages in svn r1727?
  191. Category Names not updating in Menu when changed
  192. [Catalog Issue] Attributes not appearing - getting an error message instead
  193. [Catalog Issue] Image Zoomer
  194. [Catalog Issue] sub Categories not showing up in catalog but are there in the menu
  195. Problem with language
  196. Special characters in german, swiss and austrian zone names
  197. [Catalog Issue] Customer can't login except at checkout page
  198. SSL Friends Navigation Links
  199. [Catalog Issue] One-page checkout error on osCmax v2.5.0 PL1
  200. v 2.5.0 PL1 Upgrade missing files
  201. [Catalog Issue] Information only shows 2 deep
  202. [Catalog Issue] Paypal does not work - says invoice already paid
  203. [Catalog Issue] Sales tax is added to all orders, even out of state
  204. Authorize.net orders not captured in oscMax
  205. [Catalog Issue] Zone rate resets order total if customer changes country.
  206. [Catalog Issue] Individual Shipping and other combined items and then upgraded shipping.
  207. ultimate seo not showing parent categories
  208. Australian Payment Module - Paymate
  209. Little Translation of r1758 to Spanish
  210. Sitemap error
  211. [Admin Issue] Malware Detected!
  212. image - " click to enlarge " problem
  213. [Catalog Issue] URL not working and will not accept GBP as default currency
  214. price always 0
  215. One Page Checkout and WorldPay
  216. Short description does not show in product list results
  217. upgrade problem
  218. Orders not showing in the admin
  219. feedmachine
  220. Customer Reviews error
  221. [Admin Issue] orders.php & categories.php blank
  222. Errors in 'products_viewed.php
  223. Problems with language in applicationtop
  224. Password forgotten not working
  225. product not found
  226. localhost and server results for images are different
  227. [Admin Issue] Not seeing proper admin dropdowns for: modules, configuration, or security
  228. USPS module awkward method names
  229. [Admin Issue] Administrator > File Access problem.. HELP!
  230. EasyPopulate and product images.
  231. [Admin Issue] PDF invoices or packing slips retain previous customer info
  232. Products Purchased Report totals multiplied by 13
  233. How to remove osCsid from popup_add_image
  234. [Installer Issue] OSCMax 2.51 - Upgrade - Modules Not Appearing in Menu
  235. Problem with Canonical links and index.php
  236. Strange characters showing up in order process email
  237. Default country not working
  238. [Catalog Issue] Shopping cart not clearing
  239. USPS Module First Class Large Envelope not showing at checkout
  240. Down for Maintenance PROBLEM, I think is a bug
  241. Change image format when I upload a png image (transparent background) to White Background
  242. Specials price not appearing on Advanced Search Results page
  243. Database backup error
  244. [Admin Issue] Default shipping option
  245. [Catalog Issue] Strange problem...
  246. Google checkout and store pickup = red writing (error)
  247. Wish List
  248. which version??
  249. [Catalog Issue] Cart weight does not honor Unit Weight setting in Admin Panel
  250. [Catalog Issue] usps shipping not working all the time