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  1. [Configuration] How do you set a password for a new administrator
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  3. Admin Tabs
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  5. Email address for accounts is meant to unique identifier ?
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  8. Is anyone using Yahoo's Live Web Insights?
  9. Background problems
  10. postage not being charged in the UK
  11. [Payment Module] PayPal changing interface - will it matter to osCmax PayPal setups?
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  13. excessive traffic from Baiduspider
  14. [Shipping Module] Has anyone looked at integrating OrderCup shipping to their site?
  15. How to add a refund button to the admin order details without change core files?
  16. [Configuration] Lost password
  17. [Configuration] Stats Update for 2.5.4
  18. [Payment Module] Is Recover Cart Sales working? How can you tell?
  19. Authorize.net issues
  20. [Payment Module] Any way to reopen a Shopping Cart after customer makes a payment method error?
  21. Store Admin not saving changes?
  22. Password is sent in clear on initial registration email to new customer.
  23. [Products/Categories] Easypopulate stalls - claims duplicate Product ID (solved??)
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  25. how to print out all sales details ?
  26. garbage new accounts and spam messages ?
  27. [Products/Categories] How to display products and catagories when customer is viewing a sub-menu?
  28. Outputing ORDERS as a CSV file
  29. Adding MANUFACTURER to the Invoice PDF...
  30. [Shipping Module] Canada Post's sellonline module now requires an API (REST/SOAP) to give shipping quotes!
  31. [Shipping Module] FedEx Upgrading from TLSv1.0/TLSv1.1 to TLSv1.2 - will this affect osCmax?
  32. [Shipping Module] FedEx Volumetric shipping caculator
  33. garbage new accounts / spam
  34. PayPal payments Pro