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  1. Attributes as text boxes?
  2. HTML template (and system) for the BTS
  3. B2BSuite and TotalB2B
  4. Dynamic Mo Pics Auto Thumbnail Creation
  5. BTS
  6. How can I change the default logo on the top, and the scroll
  7. MS2.2 Template converted to oscMax2.0 RC1
  8. How to turn off the New Products module
  9. user accounts without email?
  10. OSCMAX graphics
  11. Actual Attributes Price
  12. User Tracking v1.4.2
  13. Dynamic MoPics, How does it work?
  14. where can I change the background color?
  15. Scrambled or modify order number
  16. NewsDesk v1.48.3
  17. How can I change the colors for the "other images"
  18. I have 2 questions i appraciate ADMIN if you help
  19. 1054 - Unknown column when restock product
  20. Separate Pricing Per Customer - SPPC
  21. Revisiting tax problems!
  22. Category icons at index
  23. Bundled Products mod with oscmax2
  24. How to transfer stock, Images, zones etc from V1.7 to V2
  25. i dont want the ugly image placeholder
  26. Add image to column
  27. SEO Friendly HTML links in URL
  28. How do you add boxes in this version?
  29. Shipping Module
  30. How does the new BTS work?
  31. Adding Tracking Code
  32. Alt = "" for product images (where is this line?)
  33. [REQ] French translation...
  34. Adding an image next to the name link at allprods.tpl.php
  35. category based shipping
  36. META TAGS on each page?
  37. Removing Hosting, Merchant etc from admin
  38. Currency Update
  39. Would Like to Make the Link Buttons Rollover Images
  40. Removing Boxes
  41. table alignment
  42. Add new page under "Information"
  43. MoPics External Images
  44. Category box modification
  45. Using BTS w/ 2.0
  46. Cust Account Creation - no refresh on country select
  47. Adding Boxes to pages OUTSIDE oscmax
  48. Change Create Order Text "Réduction" and "Li
  49. Can't seem to add images to main page with editor
  50. Specials For August showing on mainpage twice
  51. Model Number per Attribute
  52. Cool Menu disappears behind Attrib Drop down box
  53. 2 simple themes Q's, if I may?
  54. How can I allow my search to also include category names?
  55. help with error in pad_base.php
  56. turning off other images for this product
  57. Firework Buttons Template
  58. Default Images
  59. easy populate turning out to be hard.. please help
  60. How do I alter whole shop width?
  61. Changing width of New products bar
  62. Categories.php
  63. radio button help
  64. new product box on main page...
  65. NEWBIE: File Locations
  66. Will Call or Customer Pick-up?
  67. PayPal email address error check in affiliate_signup
  68. Help With Printable Catalog
  69. Shopping_cart.php
  70. Integrate PayPal Web Payments Pro -> osCMax v2.0
  72. Checkout button in cart and removing new products...?
  73. BTS on v2 : Change page has no stylesheet (I think!)
  74. Hide unnotified comments
  75. Help with printable catalog
  76. paypal not showing up at all
  77. Customer loyalty?
  78. GBP currency
  79. Disabling automatic logoff feature or extending timer
  80. Installing AttbuteSets to OscMax v2.0
  81. Spam flaw in stock contact_us.php
  82. keep newest products up on main page under New Products for.
  83. Swedish Translation
  84. bread crumb trail
  85. Display Category name on Default_specials
  86. Selecting a default payment method.
  87. Templates get screwed up after adding Dutch Language!
  88. Update from MS2-MAX V1.5
  89. Contribution composition for legal requirements at OSC in Ge
  90. Removing New Products from mainpage
  91. Installing "Call for Price!" on osCMax v2.0
  92. Template selection
  93. empty mails after spam fix in general.php
  94. Banner Not Showing Up?
  95. How to configure "Minimum Order" in storefront.
  96. upgrading osmax
  97. Looking for
  98. how do i alter the width of the info boxes???
  99. change headline info???
  100. contribution: little wishlist change in german.php
  101. looking for engine documentation.
  102. FAQDesk, Change date format??
  103. Problems removing state
  104. country/state flat shipping cost?
  105. points and rewards mod error
  106. attribute sort
  107. Change Header Logo
  108. Duplicate default languages
  109. Rogue TDs in Product Listing Columns - Broken Loop
  110. Adding fields to account creation page
  111. [Contrib] Standard PayPal for osCMax.
  112. Swedish translation for osCMax v2.
  113. Product_Listing_Col.php has problems making extra rows
  114. checkout_shipping_address.php list states in separate boxes
  115. templates
  116. Finnish
  117. Adding credit card logos
  118. Listing Manufacturer Link on Product Display
  119. Problems removing Review function
  120. Newsletter and Subscribers Addon
  121. error on IE not on FireFOX
  122. Template sending me mad
  123. Contributions that require header.php?
  124. Transparent Background PNG logo showing light blue color?
  125. adding information page
  126. Additional Admin users...HELP!!!
  127. changing default option/attribute drop down to please select
  128. top button
  129. New products for in mainpage...help
  130. flash.swf in header only want to load once?
  131. New Payment Module Problem to osCMax v2
  132. Complex Shipping
  133. Issue with CSS & SSL
  134. PRINT INVOICE with store LOGO???
  135. Adding cool menu and keeping the catorory menu???
  136. Template switch only "mostly" works....
  137. editing description page...
  138. Adding oscommerce contributions to oscmax?
  139. Multiple Shipping Addresses
  140. Information Box in RC2...
  141. Add one big image in the "Other images for this product
  142. Using Html in the Category Description
  143. how to upgrade the paypal ipn?
  144. I'm going nuts with this; lots of questions; I need help!
  145. How do I get rounded box corners in Fallback?
  146. Menus....
  147. Make the mainpage text allign to the top of the page.
  148. Custom Shipping Mod...Shipping choice not saving.
  149. Turning On/Off Infobox Admin???
  150. Has anyone added domain search / hosting sales ?
  151. So Many Queries so little time
  152. gift voucher problem, no checkbox
  153. removing dynamic mopics?
  154. Changing Background color
  155. Converting CRE Template to OscMax
  156. Javascript & BTS
  157. Search Box to have 2 levels..
  158. Shipping Charges Question.
  159. PayPal Website Payments Pro
  160. use .JPG instead of .jpg
  161. Fed up with Template Conversion
  162. Categories on mainpage
  163. "Price" and "Add to Cart" button inside
  164. FCK and Articles
  165. Dynamic Mopics Admin - Please help!
  166. HELP - missing CSS class in HTML for BTS
  167. List of features added to OSCommerce
  168. Shipping date
  169. Information Infobox
  170. canada post shipping module with dimensions
  171. Attribute price reversed?
  172. Administratin of Customer Loyalty
  173. Problem with adding/ using images!
  174. product listing error
  175. File Upload Mod
  176. Main page
  177. PayPal Shopping Cart IPN v3.1.5 and HTML BTS?
  178. product page
  179. Specific Product Image based on chosen product attributes?
  180. Product attributes as tick boxes?
  181. Changing one page?
  182. Change the link on "Continue" button on checkout_s
  183. Weight not in lb(s)
  184. Adding FCKEditor Access Capabilites to new "static page
  185. "call for price" question..
  186. How to change # of products on Category page
  187. Can I use a 'generic' product image globally
  188. Help with footer image change to gif
  189. Rollover thumbnail goes big
  190. My Personal Wishlist
  191. No email with ECHO payment mod
  192. Product Listing like thelinenhouse.com
  193. Need to modify shipping text but can't locate the right file
  194. File Upload
  195. HOST URL change
  196. Help with changing left and right column background colours
  197. Remove image from cart display
  198. Infobox width and position
  199. "Per Customer Pricing" AND "Volume Pricing&qu
  200. Call For Price Problem
  201. osCMax-2.0RC2-update051112 1064 Error.
  202. How can I ad a link to header.php
  203. Packing Slip Error
  204. Buy It Now
  205. Amybody got Multiple Products to work yet?
  206. Product description text missing
  207. Cross Sell interface... can you add a search function?
  208. MoPics,NoPics
  209. baby,wedding,gift registry
  210. Footer
  211. Algozone templates?
  212. error on french.php !
  213. how do i make an infobox hidden on some pages but not all?
  214. Preorder Mod
  215. Create multple mainpages avail from horizontal dropdown menu
  216. Remove "add to cart" function from images in produ
  217. Product Attributes - Option Type Feature
  218. Dynamic Images / Auto Thumbnailer / Zoom Image Module?
  219. Templates? Where to find?
  220. Changing page color
  221. osCMax V2.x Template
  222. How do I easily add 200+ categories and sub cat?
  223. Price Match
  224. Remove Product Images from server
  225. GPG with CVV2 and Blank GPG Email no credit Card Number?
  226. USPS module & password
  227. Remove "QTPRO" for "Option Type Feature"
  228. help center live problem
  229. help
  230. editing stock quantities - how to?
  231. FAQdesk help!!!!
  232. easypopulate question
  233. No shipping address
  234. Complete CSS Template
  235. Max 2.0 RC2 Mod Versions
  236. Tax problem...
  237. affiliate box in checkout
  238. Script errors when selecting attributes
  239. Multiple Flat Shipping Rates per Attribute
  240. enlarge pictures problem.
  241. Looking for advice on upgrading
  242. how to change bullets for categories box
  243. how to change color of text in categories box
  244. Download Payment Modules
  245. Blank Shipping Page
  246. edit order when order is pending
  247. item picture
  248. Product listing descriptions
  249. Linked attributes
  250. Multipart Zips