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Thread: osCMax 2.0 RC3 upgrade

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    Default osCMax 2.0 RC3 upgrade

    In case anyone does not know. But there is a RC3 upgrade file.

    This ONLY contains files that have code changes from RC2. It will not work on RC1 or before.

    There is NO database changes or SQL that needs to be run. You can simply copy the files over your existing site if you have made no changes in the code (other than the listed osCMax Bugtracker fixes....)

    I would still create a FULL site backup - in case you did change something but forgot.....

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    osCMax 2.0 RC3 upgrade

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    Default Re: osCMax 2.0 RC3 upgrade

    I will be moving it and all relevant downloads to the osCMax project page so everything will be in one place. Until then, use the link that JPF posted.

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