osCDox Members/osCMax users:

A new security patch is available in the downloads section for osCMax 2.0RC2. This patch incorporates the fixes released earlier this month by osCommerce.com as well as several bugfixes specific to osCMax.

This patch closes several serious security holes and is recommended for immediate installation for anyone using osCMax 2.0RC2.

The zip contains only the patched files and is intended to overwrite your existing osCMax 2.0 RC2 files. The zip also contains full descriptions of all security issues and their fixes.

It has been tested on a base osCMax 2.0RC2 install and should install with no issues. Of course, please be sure to backup your current files and database before applying the patched files, just to be safe.

Download the file here:

Please note that you will need to be logged in to access the downloads pages.