osCMax 2.0 RC2 has been released and is available in here:

This update patches bugs 1 to 74 as listed at http://bugtrack.oscmax.com. Also patched are the contact_us.php spam and xss bugs that have recently been found in osCommerce. If you would like to keep up with future bugs and fixes, create an account at the bug tracker site.

To upgrade an existing RC1 shop to RC2, there is a separate update package that contains the only the changed catalog and admin files, updated fallback template content, but no other templates, no installation files, and an sql patch file. Full upgrade instructions are included in the package.

Special thanks to Jason F (you know him as jpf) for his efforts and contributions to the osCMax project, and all help in the osCDox forums. His work has made this release happen much sooner than it otherwise would have.

Finally, thanks to all that have taken the time to contribute solutions in the bug tracker. osCMax is truly a community effort and simply could not move forward without your help and expertise.