Hi osCmax community,

I wanted to post a status update regarding the osCmax web site and project in general. I've been working to update a lot here and bring the project infrastructure more up to date and clean things up here at osCmax.com.

I recently purged the forum database of users that were inactive for over a year and/or never posted a message. I also went through and removed thousands of suspected spambot accounts. In conjunction with updating to better spam/spambot catching methods, removing these accounts should keep the forums cleaner, and should keep all those unreadable fake accounts from clogging up the board statistics.

Next, the project development has migrated from Subversion to Git. With this change we have moved the development repositories to Bitbucket, and that is where all the action is. We also have a repository at GitHub, but that is not where we are doing all the development and we may eventually delete that repository. If you want to get in on the action and help out with development, head over to our Bitbucket repository and get started. If you're not sure how to begin, open a thread in the 2.5 forums and we'll help you out.

Another new change is our issue tracker. We've moved that to a new platform as well, and it tightly integrates with Bitbucket and other team software we use. You can help out reporting issues, fixing bugs and using Bitbucket to let us know we need to review your code for incorporation into the project. You can check out the Issue Tracker and create an account to get started reporting and fixing issues.

osCmax has always been a community effort, and now we are making it easier for all developers to contribute their code right into the repository and report/fix issues. The aim is to get all of you more involved and speed up the entire development cycle. If you do any coding at all on osCmax, I encourage you to fork the project at Bitbucket and create pull requests for any changes you think would be a good addition to osCmax. I can't guarantee all changes will get into the core, but they will be made available as optional patches for anyone to easily merge into their sites.

More updates are coming soon. Thanks!