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Thread: osCMax v2.0.0 Stable Released

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    osCMax v2.0.0 Stable Released

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    Default osCMax v2.0.0 Stable Released

    osCMax V2.0.0

    I am pleased to announce the release of osCMax v2.0.0 Stable version today. Visit the project page at osCMax Power e-commerce software - osCMax - osCommerce Maximized and get your copy today.

    To view the changes see the RC4 release announcement and the below change log that details the changes since RC4 was released two weeks ago.

    Included in the v2.0.0 Stable release is an upgrade script for users of osCMax RC3.0.3 to make the updating of the database to 2.0.0 Stable an easier process. For full instructions on how to upgrade from RC3.0.3 or RC4, see below.

    Upgrading From RC4:
    If you downloaded and installed osCMax RC4 when it was released, there have been several file changes to correct the few new bugs that were discovered. A separate zip file has been created with only the changed files from RC4. Simply unzip these new files to your osCMax site, replacing the existing files.

    Upgrading From RC3.0.3:

    *** It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you do not try this on a live site without first doing a dry run or two on test copy of your live site ***

    The file changes from RC3.0.3 to 2.0.0 Stable are quite extensive. For unmodified osCMax installs the upgrade process is fairly easy. If you are unclear about any step below, do not start the upgrade process! Make sure you fully understand each step and have safe backup copies of all your site files and data.

    1. Make a backup of your current database and all files and KEEP THEM SAFE. Take particular care to keep a copy of your templates directories and both configure.php files handy, as you will need them again!
    2. Put your osCMax site in Down For Maintenance mode.
    3. Delete the old RC3 files. We recommend deleting everything so there is no mixing of files from the old version to the new.
    4. Upload all the new 2.0.0 Stable files to the same folder that you just removed the old files from.
    5. Replace the newly uploaded configure.php files with the ones that you saved from your old site. Take care to upload the correct configure.php file to the correct directory (catalog/includes/configure.php and catalog/admin/includes/configure.php). They have the same name, but both files are different and not interchangeble with each other.
    6. Upload the /upgrade directory to your base public_html directory on the same account as your osCMax store and in a browser, visit:


    7. Upload or copy all your custom images from your backup to the new images directory.

    8. Read the caution on that page and make sure that you have a backup of your current database somewhere safe, just in case something does not go right for you.
    9. Fill in the database connection info and click the install button. There will be a short pause and then a notice that your DB has been updated. You now should DELETE the entire /upgrade folder from your site.
    10. Now, create a new folder in your templates directory and name it whatever you like. Copy your site's old template files to this new folder name.
    11. Login to the admin panel using the same credentials you always have. Set the template directory to the name of the new folder you created in step 9.
    12. Reconfigure your payment and shipping modules, as they have all been upgraded and will need to be re-activated to get the new features. To do this, go to each payment module that you have active, edit it, make sure to copy all the settings. Remove the module. Re activate the module. Enter in the info that you saved. Repeat for each module.
    13. Take your site out of maintenance mode. You are now live and running osCMax v2.0.0.

    Changes from RC4 to 2.0.0 Stable

    Note, the zip file below is ONLY for those running osCMax 2.0 RC4 released on March 8th. It is not for use with ANY other version of osCMax.
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