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Thread: Get the latest RC4 code now!

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    Get the latest RC4 code now!

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    Exclamation Get the latest RC4 code now!

    osCMax 2.0 RC4 is nearly ready for release, and we need your help testing the new package before we can release it to the general public.

    If you are interested in testing the new osCMax version, and have the time and skills to do so, we welcome you to join the osCMax Testing Team.

    Being part of the testing team team gives you exclusive benefits not available to the general public:

    • Access to the latest private development code
    • Access to the the private Test Team forum
    • Acknowledgment in the forums of your Development Team status via a special status icon in your profile.

    Testing is the most important pre-release part of development, and with your help, we can get stable osCMax updates released more quickly, with fewer bugs!
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