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Thread: osCmax v2.5.0 is here!

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    osCmax v2.5.0 is here!

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    Default Re: osCmax v2.5.0 is here!

    If at all possible we avoid flash when we can. I agree with ridex, it is a scourge that should be eradicated.

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    Default Re: osCmax v2.5.0 is here!

    Thank you and everyone else involved for your great work with osCmax! It's been a lifesaver after years of working with a vanilla osCommerce (good learning experience, though).

    I just found on the bugtrack page that Product Attribute SKU's have been added in v2.5.0? Is that correct? 0000413: Product attribute SKU's - osCmax Bug Tracking System (downloading now!)

    Any plans of adding a contribution like sub-products in the future? Thanks again.

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    Default Re: osCmax v2.5.0 is here!

    The new 2.5.2 runs like a scalded dog (Southern expression for "very fast")....worth the time and headaches to upgrade. Thanks for the great work.
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