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Thread: 2checkout problems

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    Angry 2checkout problems

    Don't know what is wrong, I have installed this payment module and ran several tests with no errors everything worked great. I switched to production and now when you choose 2checkout as your payment and you confirm it, your directed to a page that states this page cannot be displayed, hit refresh and it brings you to 2checkout page that states incorrect parameters sent please contact shop owner, click that link brings back to a page that says this page cannot be displayed-hit refresh and you can then proceed in completing your payment-I have lost 10 customers due to this, I have closed my online store-I need help why is this happening? please any help would be great. Thank you.

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    Default Re: 2checkout problems

    You can try this solution

    osCommerce: pm2checkout

    But this not applicable if you use shared ssl. I found a work around here. You can try

    Force Cookie Use in osCommerce - workaround for shared ssl cert. - UnitedForums.co.uk

    I had tried it and fail. If you can, then inform me how you do it because now I'm using other method of payment


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    I could never get that to work either, I went to osCommerce: Simplified 2checkout fix,

    I followed all instructions and so far everything has been great-2co works good with no problems thus far. You have to remember to delete all other existences of this module first or this does not work, and disable md5 hash checking(set to false) I hope this works for you-any questions feel free to ask them, I will do my best to answer them.

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